Vietnamese steel enterprises will struggle if the US anti-dumping investigation period

Vietnamese steel enterprises will struggle if the US anti-dumping investigation period

Although there is no formal decision but it has affected businesses authentic steel production in Vietnam.

Mr. Lai Quang Trung, Head of Market Planning, Vietnam Steel Corporation said that although Vietnam steel enterprises have exported to the US market with a large amount of air, but if the United States to apply safeguard measures or anti-dumping protection for this product, many export enterprises will face hard steel.

Accordingly, the focus must now be sold in Vietnam market. And as demand for the domestic market are lower than the existing capacity, may appear to compete on price, affect the production and business of enterprises.

According to the Vietnam Steel Association, US traders have stop orders for cold-rolled steel products in Vietnam, prompting many businesses in this area difficult.

Mr. Nguyen Van Sua, Vice President of the Association said, the integration of trade defense measures are often seen. Association has also recommended to the member enterprises should enhance competitiveness through improving product quality, production cost savings, improved production technology …

Association will jointly coordinate enterprises with state authorities to fight in accordance with international regulations before initiating anti-dumping investigations from the US for cold rolled steel products imported from Vietnam.

In recent years, Vietnam enterprises export of cold rolled steel, corrosion resistant carbon steel and alloy steel has been proposed investigation and the decision of anti-dumping investigations from the United States and Australia.

The steel industry experts said, not only for this case but also in other cases, Vietnam businesses can make business and production processes to partners, especially the United States are known.

At the same time, announced the criteria for the partners of the origin of goods; enabling partners to review the documents, trademarks, licenses … from which to demonstrate the quality and origin of products Vietnam no commercial fraud, with no subsidy from the government ….

The US will review and make decisions has initiated an investigation or not within 45 days of receiving the application and issue a final decision within 300 days.

Although no formal decision but obviously, need a mechanism immediately remove the items at risk of commercial fraud, “disguised” as being suspected now. Because if the product “disguised” was exported to other countries, it will cause damage to the reputation of steel products in the country and affect the whole country Vietnam imports.

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